Research article authors: Howard S. Smith, MD, Richard Harris, PhD,and Daniel Clauw, MD

Title: Fibromyalgia: An Afferent Processing Disorder Leading to a Complex Pain Generalized Syndrome

Fibromyalgia- An Afferent Processing Disorder Leading to a Complex Pain Generalized Syndrome

Research article authors: Chad S Boomershine, MD, PhD; Chief Editor: Herbert S Diamond, MD

Title: Fibromyalgia Complete Overview

Fibromyalgia Complete Overview – Medscape

Abstract authors: Frederick Wolfe1, Daniel J. Clauw2, MaryAnn FitzCharles3, Don Goldenerberg4, Winfried Häuser5, Robert S. Katz6, I Jon Russell7, Philip J. Mease8, Anthony Russell9 and Brian Walitt10, 1National Data Bank, Wichita, KS, 2Chronic Pain & Fatigue Research Center, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, 3Rheumatology, McGill University, Montreal, QC, Canada, 4Newton-Wellesley Hospital and Tufts University School of Medicine, Newton, MA., Newton, MA, 5Department of Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy, Technische Universität München, Munich, Germany, 6Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, IL, 7Arthritis & Osteoporosis Ctr of South Texas, San Antonio, TX, 8Swedish Medical Center and University of Washington, Seattle, WA, 9Medicine, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, Canada, 10National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Nursing Research, Bethesda, DC

Title: 2016 Revisions to the 2010/2011 Fibromyalgia Diagnostic Criteria

2016 Revisions to the 2010/2011 Fibromyalgia Diagnostic Criteria

Research article authors: Jeffrey B.Hargrove1, Robert M. Bennett2, Daniel J. Clauw3, George Mashour3 and Lauren Briggs4.

Title: Symptom Improvement in Fibromyalgia Patients Is Related to Reduced Network Connectivity As Measured by EEG Coherence


Research article author: Bruce S. Gillis, MD, MPH

Title: FM: A Real Medical Disease

FM-A Real Medical Disease

Research article author:  Jeffrey A. Gudin, MD

Title: Expanding Our Understanding of Central Sensitization

From Medscape Neurology > Pharmacologic Management of Pain Expert Column

Expanding our Understand of Central Sensitization

Published on Dec 5, 2013

Dr. Dan Clauw, the Director of the Chronic Pain & Fatigue Center at the University of Michigan, presents an overview of what is currently known about what the underlying causes of chronic pain are and discusses the rationale behind a variety of different treatments for chronic pain.

Author: Devin Starlanyl

Title: What Everyone on Your Health Care Team Should Know About FMS and CMP

FM Info for Entire Medical Team



Author: Alice Rich, RN

Title: Comparative Pain Scale